The Hague conducting survey on impact of corona on the city

Published: 2 November 2020Modified: 2 November 2020

The municipality is conducting a survey on the repercussions of the coronavirus on the residents of The Hague. The municipality would like to hear people’s opinions and learn about their experiences during the corona crisis.

This is why the municipality is asking residents of The Hague to take part in this survey and to fill in the questionnaire (in Dutch). Would you like to share your experiences? Fill in the questionnaire.

To get as many responses as possible you are asked to forward the link to relatives, friends, contacts, colleagues and classmates. They can also take part in the survey.


The results of this survey are important for our city, organisations and government agencies. And it is important for you, your family, neighbours and contacts. Look at the results of the first surveys below:  

The municipality is conducting this survey together with Kieskompas, the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Erasmus University and The Hague University of Applied Sciences.