The Hague collecting waste in containers with sensors

Published: 19 January 2021Modified: 19 January 2021

The municipality is equipping all of the waste containers in the city with smart sensors. A sensor is an electronic ‘eye’. The sensor can see when that waste container is almost full and relay this information to the Haagse Milieu Services (HMS). The HMS will then know which containers it needs to empty.

This monitoring system will be introduced neighbourhood by neighbourhood as of 25 January. Segbroek will be the first city district in line to get the sensors.

Rather than fixed collection routes on fixed days of the week, the monitoring system calculates smart routes for the HMS. Containers which fill up quickly will be emptied more often. And containers which do not fill up as quickly will not be put on the route to be collected. This system should prevent containers from becoming too full. And the HMS will no longer need to operate their garbage trucks unnecessarily.


The first sensors were tested in November 2020 in 1,000 waste containers. The new system will now be installed neighbourhood by neighbourhood as of 25 January. After the Segbroek city district, the order of the other city districts will be Centrum, Escamp, Laak, Loosduinen, Scheveningen, Haagse Hout and Leidschenveen-Ypenburg. All 6,700 waste containers are expected to have a sensor by December 2021.

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A technician shows where the sensor will be placed in the waste container. Photo: Valerie Kuypers