Test an e-bike for free on the star bike route from Leidschenveen

Published: 6 March 2018Modified: 6 March 2018

The star bike route from Leidschenveen to downtown The Hague is ready. To celebrate this residents of Leidschenveen can test out an e-bike for 10 days between 9 March and 22 June for free. See for yourself how fast, safe and comfortable the route is.

Better route

The largest portion of the route now has dedicated cycle paths or bike lanes. The Schrepelpad is now a bicycle street. A number of intersections have been made clearer and safer.  

Smart LED lights were installed on the Nieuweveensepad. This is energy efficient. There are also new trees along the paths.

This is the star bike route

The route goes from Leidschenveen to the downtown area via:

  • Nieuweveensepad from Zoetermeer
  • Philipus Uythovenpad
  • Schrepelpad
  • in Voorburg: along the train tracks for Voorburg het Loo, St. Martinuslaan and Rembrandtlaan
  • IJsclubweg and IJsclubpad
  • Juliana van Stolberglaan
  • Prins Bernhard viaduct
    Video: The star bike route from Leidschenveen to the centre (Youtube channel of the municipality)

    Borrow an e-bike for free

    The municipality is curious what cyclists think of the new route. This is why people living in Leidschenveen can borrow an e-bike for free between 9 March and 22 June to test out the route.

    These are the conditions:

    • You live in Leidschenveen.
    • You already use the star bike route to get downtown.
    • You need to answer a short questionnaire about your experiences.
    • You grant permission for your experiences to be shared on the municipality’s social media channels.
    • You will be careful with the e-bike (loan agreement will apply).

      Sign up

      Would you like to take part? Sign up via

      The municipality and Mobycon are using this campaign to try to encourage commuters to cycle more instead of drive.  

      Gift certificate for an e-bike

      The e-bikes are from Juizz bicycle shop. After the test period you will receive a gift certificate of € 150 towards the purchase of an e-bike from Juizz.

      The star bike route from Leidschenveen to the centre is ready.
      The star bike route from Leidschenveen to the centre is ready.
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