Swimming in the summer vacation

Published: 9 July 2018Modified: 9 July 2018

During the summer vacation from 14 July to 26 August Het Hofbad swimming pool will be open for recreational swimming. Overbosch and De Waterthor will be open for part of the summer vacation. De Houtzagerij (apart from 14 July), Zuiderpark and De Blinkerd will be closed during the summer vacation.

  • A personal swimming pass is required for all visitors aged 14 years and older at all of The Hague's swimming pools. Do you still need a swimming pass? You can have one made for you at the swimming pool by showing your valid ID. Read more about the free swimming pass.
  • Children who do not have a swimming certificate are required to wear inflatable armbands.

Look at the opening hours and activities during the school vacation for:

Overview of dates for swimming pools

  • Het Hofbad swimming pool will be open the entire summer vacation from 14 July to 26 August.
  • Overbosch swimming pool will be open from 14 July to 4 August.
  • De Waterthor swimming pool will be open from 5 to 26 August.
  • De Blinkerd, De Houtzagerij (except for 14 July) and Zuiderpark will be closed.

Opening hours after the vacation

  • All the municipal swimming pools will have different opening hours on Monday, 27 August.
  • The regular opening hours will take effect again as of Tuesday, 28 August. 

Maintenance in the swimming pools

A number of municipal swimming pools will be repaired during the summer vacation. This way the municipality ensures that visitors can continue enjoying a visit to The Hague's swimming pools.