Strong yellow garbage bags to ward off seagulls

Published: 1 March 2018Modified: 1 March 2018

The municipality is again making extra strong yellow garbage bags available for free to households in The Hague. It is much more difficult for seagulls to peck these bags open compared to regular grey garbage bags. This reduces the amount of litter on the street. You can pick up the yellow bags from 1 March to 1 September 2018 at various places in the city.

The extra strong yellow garbage bags are available to neighbourhoods where rubbish is not yet collected in underground rubbish containers (ORACs). In these neighbourhoods residents are still placing regular grey garbage bags at kerbside for collection. Seagulls, rats and other animals tear these bags open, resulting in litter on the street.

Seagulls have their brooding season from March until September and then the nuisance due to torn garbage bags is even greater. This is why you can pick up the extra strong yellow garbage bags during this period.

In the meantime the municipality will continue to place underground rubbish containers (ORACs) in the various city neighbourhoods. More than 6,000 underground containers have already been put into place.

Where you can pick up the yellow garbage bags

  • Den Haag Informatiecentrum in City Hall on the Spui
  • Laak district office
  • Loosduinen district office
  • Scheveningen district office
  • Segbroek district office
  • Haagse Hout district office

Check the opening hours for the city district offices.

  • Herweijerhoeve city farm (Escamp) 
  • Reigershof city farm (Haagse Hout)
  • Gagelhoeve city farm (Segbroek)
  • Kakelhof city farm (Loosduinen)
  • Waaygat city farm (Scheveningen)
  • Molenweide city farm (Laak)

Check the addresses and the opening hours for The Hague's city farms.

Your help is needed

It is essential that residents, companies and visitors also do their share to limit the amount of nuisance caused by seagulls. You can help by using the extra strong yellow garbage bags. Read what you can do against pesky seagulls