Statenlaan - Van Boetzelaerlaan: small traffic measures

Published: 21 September 2018Modified: 24 September 2018

Following complaints by residents, the municipality will make the intersection between the Statenlaan and Van Boetzelaerlaan safer. You have until 19 October to forward your questions and/or remarks about the measures the municipality plans to take to improve traffic safety.

Improving traffic safety

It is now dangerous to cross from one side of the street to the other and to walk to and from the tram stops. Moreover the cars parked in the curve often block people from passing and obstruct their view ofntraffic.


To improve traffic safety the municipality is taking the following measures:

  • Creating 2 zebra paths on the Statenlaan near the intersection with the Boetzelaerlaan.
  • Removing the wider sections of sidewalk which the zebra paths will make superfluous.
  • Creating wider sections of sidewalk in the parking spots by the tram stops so that pedestrians will sufficiently be able to see the oncoming traffic.
  • Widening the footpaths at the corners. The pedestrian crossing will become shorter and pedestrians will have a better view of traffic.

These measures will lead to the elimination of 2 parking spaces.

More information

If you have questions and/or remarks, you can send these by Friday, 19 October to