Start of new phase for renewal of Erasmusweg

Published: 29 August 2019Modified: 29 August 2019

The Municipality of The Hague is renewing the Erasmusweg and at the same time improving the accessibility and safety. As of 26 August 2019 work will begin between the Moerweg and Troelstrakade. This part of the road will be closed to all traffic until 6 January 2020.

The roadworks will mean the municipality will create diversion routes. The other roads around the Erasmusweg will be busier. Traffic to and from The Hague Zuid-West, Rijswijk and Wateringen should anticipate additional travel time.

The Erasmusweg will be closed between the Moerweg and Troelstrakade as of 26 August. The intersection with the Anna Bijnslaan and the Medlerstraat will be closed to vehicular traffic. The intersections with the Erasmusplein and Troelstrakade will remain open to all traffic.

Advisory route for cars

During peak hours the travel time can take 15 to 30 minutes extra.

Yellow signs will indicate the diversion routes:

  • Through traffic from Wateringen/N211 will be diverted on the Lozerlaan (N211), Escamplaan (S104), Oude Haagweg (S104) and Loosduinseweg (S104).Or via the Moerweg, Generaal Spoorlaan, De Genestetlaan and Slachthuislaan.
  • Through traffic from the A4/Rijswijk will be diverted via the Generaal Spoorlaan, De Genestetlaan and Slachthuislaan.

Avoid the route via the Erasmusplein, Moerweg and Melis Stokelaan. This is the shortest route, but it is expected to be very busy.

To prevent traffic from driving through the neighbourhood, certain routes in Moerwijk Noord and Moerwijk Oost will change. This way traffic will be diverted around the residential areas.

Pedestrians and cyclists

The cycle paths will be closed on both sides of the Erasmusweg. Cyclists will be diverted via the Erasmusweg on the opposite side of the water (along the tram rails) or the Van Ruysbroekstraat. Cyclists will have a few minutes of extra travel time. Pedestrians will have a path along the houses.

Overview of roadworks

The Erasmusweg is 1 of the city’s main traffic arteries between the centre and the A4. There are often traffic jams on this road. The road has only 1 lane of traffic going towards the city centre and this is not sufficient.

The Erasmusweg is also ready for a facelift. This is why the asphalt, paving and sewers will be updated. At the same time the accessibility and safety will be improved. Both sides of the road will get 2 traffic lanes in each direction. The parking spaces along the road will be widened. This will make the road better organised and safer.

More information

More information about the roadworks can be found (in Dutch)

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Diversions for through traffic
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Diversions for local traffic