Sports clubs and parks smoke-free as of July

Published: 26 April 2021Modified: 26 April 2021

Sports clubs and sports parks in The Hague will become smoke-free zones as of 1 July 2021. The municipality wants children in The Hague to be able to have a smoke-free childhood.

Young people in The Hague spend a large part of their time at the sports club. A smoke-free sports park sets a good example for children. It also protects children from the dangers of breathing in secondhand smoke. More and more sports clubs and sports parks have become smoke-free zones over the past few years. Both indoors and outdoors.

Hague Sport Agreement

In the Hague Sport Agreement (Haags Sportakkoord) The Hague Municipal Executive decided to make all sports parks and sports clubs in The Hague smoke-free by 2022. The Municipal Council wants to already kick this off at the start of the new sport season 1 July 2021. The municipality will inform the sports clubs about this decision. In addition the municipality will adapt the rental contracts with the sports clubs renting from the municipality.

What is a smoke-free sports park?

The following rules apply in a smoke-free sports park:

  • Indoor spaces are completely smoke-free.
  • The outdoor area is completely smoke-free: the entrance and all areas inside the fences of the sports park such as the fields, along the line, the terrace and the viewing gallery.
  • The smoking ban at the sports park applies to everyone: athletes, volunteers, staff and visitors.
  • Signs and other information boards will indicate that the outdoor area is smoke-free.
  • E-cigarettes and new tobacco products (such as heated tobacco) are also not permitted.

Support, tips and smoke-free signs

To help the sports club make their sports park smoke-free there are handy step-by-step plans, tips and equipment (for example smoke-free signs). These materials are on the website Wat jij kunt doen met je sportvereniging voor een Rookvrije Generatie.


If sports clubs need help, they can contact their sports advisor.