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Speed indicator to reward good driving behaviour

Published: 20 February 2020Modified: 2 March 2020

The Kranenburgweg in Scheveningen will get the first ‘speed indicator money box’ in The Hague as of 19 February. This speed indicator rewards rather than punishes driving behaviour.

Many cars exceed the speed limit on the Kranenburgweg. The residents are worried about the danger of the speeding vehicles. This is why a speed indicator money box has been placed there. A small sum of money will be deposited into a digital money box each time a motorist sticks to the maximum speed limit of 30 kilometres per hour. The savings in the money box will go to the residents. They can spend the money on a goal they selected themselves: more plants and trees in the neighbourhood.

Period of 5 weeks

The speed indicator was put into place on 19 February and will operate for 5 weeks. After this period the residents will receive a cheque with the sum in savings. Later this year another street will get the speed indicator. It is not yet known which street that will be.

Fewer speeders

The municipality aims to increase traffic safety using the speed indicator money box. The money box is already in use at different spots in the country. There the money box led to a 25% decline in speeding traffic.

The speed limit in The Hague has been set at 30 kilometres per hour for nearly all of the residential areas.

Speed indicator (Photo: Arnaud Roelofsz)
Speed indicator (Photo: Arnaud Roelofsz)