Six Hague start-ups win prizes

Published: 3 July 2017Modified: 4 July 2017

During the Border Sessions Festival it was announced which Hague start-ups are allowed to take part in the Startup in Residence programme. Over the past few months the Municipality of The Hague has called upon start-ups to come up with creative ideas for a number of city-related issues. The idea behind the so-called ‘Urban Challenges: The Startup in Residence programme’ is for the city to develop innovative ideas together with start-ups.

The winners

The start-ups Work4water, The Next Green Thing, Driven to Impact, Scoop Expert, One Day The Hague and Avenieuw were the winners. They will start working on various challenges, such as making rooftops more sustainable, creating more liveliness in the Beatrixkwartier, making Scheveningen better accessible and making older houses more sustainable.
The Next Green Thing, for example, has come up with an app for residents to design a green roof for their home. One Day The Hague wants to attract more tourists to the city by offering a complete package with tickets, hotel reservations and information.

Getting to work

Over the next 4 months the start-ups will work together with the municipality to elaborate upon their ideas. During this phase they will get training, work space, access to the municipality’s network and € 7,500 to further develop their ideas. The companies have to come up with solutions themselves. This fits perfectly with the municipality’s aim of making purchases in a more innovative and goal-oriented way. The start-ups will present their final plans at the end of December and the jury will decide whether the plans are good enough for additional investment.

Solid startup profile

Deputy Mayor Karsten Klein (Economic Affairs, Harbours and Welfare) explains: ‘We are very pleased with this new approach to purchase making. By challenging the market, we ensure that the best and most innovative solutions come for problems the municipality faces. This programme gives The Hague a solid start-up profile as Impact City The Hague.’

Impact City The Hague

Thousands of people are working in The Hague on a daily basis towards a better world. The possibilities offered by technology play an important role in their work. The Municipality of The Hague is investing € 6 million over the 2015-2018 period to attract start-ups working on solutions to complex social issues. We call this the ‘impact economy'.