Shelter for Ukrainian refugees extended 1 year

Published: 30 August 2023Modified: 18 September 2023

The shelter for 15 Ukrainian families in Room11 at Veenkade 6 has been extended by 1 year. They can now stay in the hotel until 1 September 2024. Help and housing for refugees are still needed.

More than 3,250 Ukrainian refugees are currently living in The Hague: 1,250 in a municipal shelter and more than 2,000 with host families.

More housing needed

hen Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February 2022, millions of people became refugees. Tens of thousands of people came to the Netherlands. Housing needed to be arranged quickly everywhere in the country, including in The Hague.

The war is not over yet. There are still many Ukrainian refugees. And shelter locations are still needed. This is because spots in a shelter are available only temporarily and Ukrainian refugees have to move again.


From the moment the refugees arrived here, the city started organising activities and fundraising campaigns. The goal was to make the refugees feel at home here as quickly as possible. It was a big challenge. But it turned out to be a success thanks to the efforts and involvement of city residents. Help for refugees is still needed, because Ukrainian refugees will probably stay in the Netherlands for a while.

More information

Would you like to learn more about shelters and housing for (Ukrainian) refugees in The Hague? Or would you like to help these people? You can find more information on the pages Ukraine and Refugees in The Hague .

Hotel Room11
Hotel Room11