Schipperskwartier Bepaalt: winners announced

Published: 2 February 2021Modified: 2 February 2021

The municipality made money available to make the Schipperskwartier more beautiful, greener, physically active and nicer. On 22 January 2021 the 8 winners of Schipperskwartier Bepaalt received a check totalling € 30,000. A diverse collection of project will be paid for from this 'neighbourhood budget'.

Residents submitted 40 ideas between 28 September and 25 October 2020. 15 of the plans were feasible. Residents had until 11 January 2021 to vote on their favourite plans. A total of 172 residents voted.

on are about vegetable gardens, kickboxing lessons, workshops and activities for young and old, a fitness park and music lessons. The ideas which get the most votes will be carried out.

Winning plans

The checks were handed over to the winners of Schipperskwartier Bepaalt on 22 January 2021. There are 8 winning plans which together fall within the budget of € 30,000. They are:

  • vegetable gardens on the Bontekoekade
  • a water tap in the playground
  • workshops for young and old in the neighbourhood centre
  • construction of a walking and jogging route
  • a fun event involving water
  • a picnic and game table by the water
  • music instruments for the lessons in the neighbourhood centre
  • a makeover and lighting for the football field on the Bontekoekade.

These plans will be carried out within 1 year. The idea for vegetable gardens on the Bontekoekade received the most votes. For the complete results and more information go to

Lawrence Eghosa, director of Laak city district
Lawrence Eghosa, director of Laak city district

Neighbourhood budget for other neighbourhoods

After the Schipperskwartier other neighbourhoods in the Laak city district will get a chance to divide a neighbourhood budget:

  • Laakhaven in 2021
  • Molenwijk in 2022
  • Binckhorst in 2023

Spoorwijk and Laak Centraal already had a neighbourhood budget in 2017 and 2018.

Help with your plan

Separate from the neighbourhood budget the municipality is happy to help you with your plan for the neighbourhood. It will see whether your idea is feasible and whether you can apply for a subsidy for activities. You can read more about this on the page Apply for subsidy for activities for city district.