The Hague - Scheveningen beach bonfire: info and contact details


Scheveningen beach bonfire: info and contact details

Published: 4 January 2019Modified: 12 January 2019

During the early hours of 1 January 2019, sparks and ash from the bonfire on the Noorderstrand rained down on parts of Scheveningen. Read a summary of the events and about how you can contact the municipality with any questions.

The sparks and ashes ignited fires in several places. The fire department prevented additional fires by keeping the roofs of buildings wet. No people were injured as far as it is known. Mayor Pauline Krikke visited Scheveningen on 1 January and again on 3 January together with a large delegation of aldermen. They offered a listening ear and did their best to address the questions and concerns raised.


The mayor has announced a major investigation into the events surrounding the beach bonfire in Scheveningen. This enquiry will also examine the existing measures for building the bonfires and the municipality's role in this. The investigation will be conducted by the independent Onderzoeksraad voor de Veiligheid (OvV). The municipality will naturally also use this information to establish whether it will be possible to organise the beach bonfires in the future.

Call for videos & photos

Investigators are trying their best to piece together what happened during the New Year's Eve bonfire on the Noorderstrand. Were you in Scheveningen and did you take pictures of the bonfire and/or the shower of sparks and ash? Or do you have films or pictures of the bonfire being built? If so, please send them via WeTransfer to It is better if you use due to the size of the files.

The images will only be used for the investigation.


Do you have damage to your house and/or property? First contact your insurance company. Any other damage can be reported by filling in the municipality's online form. Go to Aansprakelijkstelling gemeente (in Dutch). If you have any questions, stop by the information desk at the Scheveningen district office.

More information

If you would like to ask any questions, you can contact the municipality: