Receive your municipal tax bill online

Published: 1 February 2018Modified: 1 February 2018

The Municipal Tax Department sends out 280,000 tax bills each year. This amount of paper piled together is approximately 100 metres high. It is actually an unnecessary waste. Everyone in The Hague is able receive his municipal tax bill online via the Berichtenbox on MijnOverheid. You can then arrange your affairs online via MijnDenHaag. Register now to receive your municipal tax bill online from now on.

All of that printing, sorting and mailing of paper is a pity, especially for all of the trees which need to be cut down. Choose paperless post and let the Municipal Tax Department serve you online. You can then arrange your affairs easily and safely no matter where you are and at a time which suits you best. You always have access to your personal information, which you can also manage and archive.

Log into MijnDenHaag and register.


Powerbank offer has expired

Everyone who indicated during the campaign (12 to 25 January 2018) that they would like to receive their municipal tax bill only digitally from now on will get a free powerbank. It is no longer possible to take advantage of the offer but you of course can still choose for paperless post. Everybody who has registered will receive additional information via the Berichtenbox.