Pristine World War II bunker found in Scheveningen

Published: 12 December 2017Modified: 12 December 2017

A bunker from the Second World War was discovered in pristine condition during the preparatory work on the North boulevard in Scheveningen. Various items from that time were also found, such as a German newspaper from 1945, ammunition cartridges and parts of a German uniform.

In mid-January the bunker will be examined further by the Historic Monuments Preservation Section and the Atlantic Wall Museum Scheveningen Foundation. The bunker will be opened to the public in January/February. When another bunker and underground tunnels were discovered in 2010 during the construction of the new boulevard, they were also opened to the public. The Open Day then drew more than 1,200 visitors from all over the Netherlands.

The newly-discovered bunker was previously unknown based on old drawings. The find is special because it is identical to a bunker which was located southwest of the harbour.

De Kust Gezond

The boulevard project is taking place within the framework of De Kust Gezond programme. ‘De Kust Gezond' is an ambitious programme with various components with the goal of making the outdoor space in Scheveningen attractive again to residents, tourists and businesses. The discovery of the bunker will not impact the schedule for the project.

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