Prinsestraat: road works

Published: 1 March 2019Modified: 30 April 2019

Until the beginning of July the Prinsestraat, between the Noordwal and Nobelstraat, will undergo major maintenance. The road surface is in poor condition and the connections to the sewer system are outdated. The work will be carried out in 4 phases.

New approach for water main

The cast-iron pipe in the Prinsestraat appears to be seriously polluted. Dunea has therefore decided to replace the water main rather than to 'reline' it. A new water main was put into place during Phase 1. The pipes were excavated and replaced. The rest of the work will carry on in the same way.

This means that the construction area will be expanded during each phase so that the work on the water pipes can take place in preparation for the rest of the work. Unfortunately the planning has been extended. The project is expected to be ready at the beginning of July 2019.

What is going to happen?

  • A new water main will be put into place.
  • The connections of the houses to the sewer system will be replaced where needed.
  • The street will get new paving bricks.
  • The kerbs will be renewed.
  • The bricks from the parking spaces and kerbs will be reused.

Phases and planning

In order to limit any inconvenience, the work will be carried out in 4 phases. Part of the Prinsestraat will be closed. The project will start on the Noordwal side and end at the intersection with the Nobelstraat. The planning has been extended by a month.

Prinsestraat road works: Phase 1 to 4
Prinsestraat road works: Phase 1 to 4
Fasering en planning
Phase Part of Prinsestraat Period
1 Noordwal - Pieterstraat mid-March to begin May
2 intersection Korte Molenstraat/Juffrouw Idastraat end of April to end of May
3 Juffrouw Idastraat - Nobelstraat begin May to end of June
4 intersection Prinsestraat/Nobelstraat mid June to begin July

Traffic diversions during the project

In order to carry out the work the street will be dug up in its entire width. Through traffic (motorists and cyclists) will be diverted. Vehicular traffic wanting to enter the Prinsestraat from the north side will be diverted from the Hogewal/Prinsestraat intersection via the Elandstraat and Torenstraat. Trucks will already be diverted as of the Mauritskade/Zeestraat intersection. Follow the traffic signs.

Diversions during Phase 1: until the beginning of May

The Prinsestraat is closed to all traffic until the beginning of May between Noordwal and Korte Molenstraat. The Pieterstraat is temporarily a 2-way street but it is closed at the Prinsestraat. The traffic barriers in the Korte Molenstraat will be removed and the street is open to 1-way traffic from the Torenstraat. Vehicles longer than 7.5 metres may not drive here.

    You will not be able to drive through the Prinsestraat during the project.
    You will not be able to drive through the Prinsestraat during the project.

    Maintenance by Dunea

    Dunea will place a new water main in the Prinsestraat. It will not be necessary to shut off the connections for this work. If it does appear to be necessary, residents will receive a letter from Dunea.


    The street will be closed to through traffic during the project. Cars and cyclists can follow the diversions. Homes and businesses will remain accessible to pedestrians at all times. If needed temporary walkways will be placed on the site for pedestrians. You are not allowed to cycle on these walkways.


    Residents are asked to:

    • park their car, bicycle or other vehicle elsewhere
    • remove any planters, benches and other items from the street

    More information

    Do you have questions about the maintenance project in the Prinsestraat? Contact area manager Chris Langerak. You can send an email to or call him on tel. 06 - 48 17 58 73.