President Kennedylaan/Conradkade: road works

Published: 8 April 2019Modified: 18 April 2019

On Tuesday, 23 April 2019 work will start on the water pipe under the road surface of the President Kennedylaan, Conradkade and the 2e Sweelinckstraat. The maintenance work will probably last until Thursday, 20 June 2019.

The underground pipe between 2 waterways will be put into place in order to accommodate more water.

What will happen?

Due to the heavy rainfall during the summer months the Haagse Beek (stream) flooded over a number of times. In order to improve the flow of water in the Haagse Beek, the underground pipe will be replaced between the pond on the 2e Sweelinckstraat and the water on the Segbroeklaan.


          Part of the Conradkade and parts of the sidewalk on the President Kennedylaan will be closed during the road works. Road signs will indicate where and when this will happen. You can see where the closures will be on the map below.

          Map road works
          Map road works

          Through traffic

          Vechicular traffic coming from Scheveningen will be diverted along the Statenlaan and the Stadhouderslaan.

          Through cycle traffic

          Cyclists on the President Kennedylaan biking in the direction of Museon will be diverted along the L├╝beckstraat.

          More information

          If you have any questions about the project, contact the municipality.