The Hague - Population of The Hague growing faster than expected


Population of The Hague growing faster than expected

Published: 3 December 2018Modified: 6 December 2018

The population of The Hague is expected to grow to between 602,000 and 627,000 inhabitants by 2040, according to the population projection 2018.

The latest population projection (bevolkingsprognose) shows that The Hague’s population grew over the last 5 years despite the economic crisis and a decrease in new housing development. The number of city inhabitants rose on average by 5,300 people per year over the last 5 years while the municipality projected an rise of 4,000 per year.

In the next few years growth of 7.6% is expected to nearly 567,000 by 2023. The city will probably soon exceed the highest population ever recorded in The Hague (607,000 inhabitants in 1959).

Foreign immigration

Population growth was due mainly to foreign immigration. In 2017 the city’s inhabitants with an immigrant background was 53%; in 2023 this will be 57%. A relatively large part of this group has a western background, according to figures from Statistics Netherlands (CBS). Non-western immigrants represented 35% of the population.

A small part of the growth was due to birth figures. The birth rate was greater than the death rate. Apart from people with an immigrant background, the number of senior citizens also grew. Nevertheless the population of The Hague is young on average (38.4 years) compared to the national average (41.6 years). This will remain the same in the longer term. Largest growth is expected in the Laak city district.

More homes needed

According to Deputy Mayor Boudewijn Revis (Housing and Urban Development), ‘We are facing a huge challenge and this requires action.’ He said the municipality would need to ensure that more homes are built, especially in the more affordable and mid-priced segment. This would not come at the cost of the city’s green areas.

The alderman will present the long-awaited housing development plan (woonagenda) in December.