Play Outside Day: apply for barriers and subsidy on time

Published: 16 April 2021Modified: 16 April 2021

Once a year children reclaim the streets in the Netherlands. No cars and cyclists, but instead loads of space to play outside freely. The National Play Outside Day will take place on Wednesday, 9 June 2021. Will your street take part? Arrange crowd control barriers on time and don't forget to apply for a subsidy.

It is not yet certain whether the Play Outside Day will go ahead because of the coronavirus measures. But if it does go ahead, then children will be able to reclaim the streets on Wednesday, 9 June. You will find more information on the website once more is known about whether the Play Outside Day will take place.

Apply for crowd control barriers

Does your street need to be closed off for activities? Or will you be organising a street party during the Play Outside Day? Then you need to make sure the area is closed off using crowd control barriers. Will you be picking up the crowd control barriers yourself and bringing them back again? Then you can borrow them free of charge. Look for more information on the page Request crowd control barriers for street parties. Don't forget to inform your neighbours about your plans in order to prevent any misunderstandings.

Subsidy for activities

You can apply for a subsidy for activities during the Play Outside Day. More information can be found on the page Apply for subsidy for activities for city district. Your city district office can help you and provide support when you apply for this subsidy.

The municipality and the Jantje Beton foundation each year call upon parents, caregivers, playgrounds, schools, youth clubs, interest organisations and clubs to take part in the Play Outside Day. Playing outdoors is healthy and fun. The National Play Outside Day calls attention to child-friendly neighbourhoods and streets in a playful way.

Watch the video about the National Play Outside Day 2021 on the YouTube channel of the municipality


Do you have questions about the Play Outside Day? Send an email to

2 kinderen liggen in het gras (foto Robine Lander)
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