Plans for the new design for Gevers Deynootweg for renewal of tram line 1

Published: 3 October 2018Modified: 12 October 2018

To keep Scheveningen attractive and easily accessible, the municipality is investing in public transport and the public space. The municipality has therefore drafted plans for a new design for the Gevers Deynootweg. You could react to the plans before 23 September 2018.

The municipality has drafted a so-called preliminary design for the Gevers Deynootweg. It comprises plans to improve the public space, to make the tram tracks suitable for low-floor trams and to create wheelchair-accessible stops. The design was created in cooperation with De Kust Gezond project. Work is expected to start after the summer of 2019.

Preliminary design

The preliminary design contains plans for:

  • Widening the tram and bus lanes and the traffic lane between the Scheveningseslag and Badhuiskade. The new situation would grant more space to cyclists, pedestrians and public transport.  
  • Eliminating 1 parking lane on the Gevers Deynootweg. The loss of parking spaces can partially be compensated in the streets between the Gevers Deynootweg and the boulevard. It will also not be possible to load and unload goods in this portion of the Gevers Deynootweg.

    Draft sketches and executive decision

    The draft sketches and the executive decision with explanation can be viewed using the links below

    More information

    More information about the preliminary design can be found on the page Vernieuwing rails tramlijn 1 op Gevers Deynootweg.

    De Kust Gezond

    'De Kust Gezond' programme was approved in 2016 and consists of projects which aim to improve the outdoor space in the Scheveningen beach resort. Projects include improving the northern part of the boulevard, the middle part of the boulevard, the area around the Kurhaus and the beach access points and major streets and squares. There will be more space for cyclists and pedestrians. The Scheveningen beach resort should be inviting and welcoming and evoke a feeling of being on the coast.