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Opening postponed for Koningin Julianaplein bicycle parking

Published: 20 March 2020Modified:

The festive opening of the bicycle parking facility under the Koningin Julianaplein (KJ plein) at The Hague’s Central Station on 2 April will be postponed due to the corona crisis. The project is on schedule and will be completed on time. The KJ bicycle parking facility, however, will not be put into operation right away.

Given the large number of people working from home and the decline in the use of public transportation, the need for parking spots for bicycles has decreased considerably. In joint discussions with the municipality, ProRail and the NS it has been decided to keep the Stichthage facility open and to not use the KJ facility yet. In addition, the multiple-story building on the Rijnstraat and the Anna van Bueren facility will also remain available for bicycle storage.

Sufficient number of parking spots

The current bicycle parking facilities will remain open but there will not be any additional parking space for bicycles for the time being. There is and there will continue to be more than enough parking spots available for bicycles in the coming time.

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