Ockenburgh Estate in the hands of volunteers

Published: 29 January 2018Modified: 29 January 2018

The Foundation for the Restoration of the Historical Ockenburgh Country Estate (SHBO) will breathe new life into the Ockenburgh estate. The aim of the Foundation is to maintain the Ockenburgh Estate and develop it in a sustainable way for the future. The Municipality of The Hague and the Foundation on 18 January signed a so-called release agreement in order to hand over the estate to the neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood residents

The Foundation has set a number of ambitious goals for itself: to conserve the history, protect the nature, and restore the Ockenburgh Estate in a sustainable and low-threshold way. An initial step was taken in the summer of 2015 when neighbourhood residents cleaned up the overgrown hedge around the neglected monument and started a pop-up café in the villa. A donated greenhouse was then built as the next temporary pop-up café. A vegetable garden was planted and a programme with cultural activities was introduced.

National monument

The Foundation for the Restoration of the Historical Ockenburgh Country Estate (SHBO) was established in February 2015. The initiative was taken by neighbourhood residents in order to take joint responsibility for neglected the city’s cultural heritage in a protected wildlife area. The goal: to create a sustainable, low-threshold, central meeting place with the participation of volunteers, businesses, students, sponsors, donors and funds.

Villa Ockenburgh was restored as a national monument in 2017 by the municipality, with assistance from the Province of Zuid-Holland. The SHBO is responsible for the restoration and maintenance of the building’s interior and the gardens.

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