No new room rental licences in The Hague for now

Published: 22 June 2020Modified: 23 June 2020

Effective immediately the municipality will not grant new licences for room rentals in the city for the time being. This temporary measure is intended to combat the trend of turning homes into houses in multiple occupation.

Since March 2020 the regulation had already been in effect in 10 neighbourhoods where affordable housing has been disappearing the fastest. The area governed by the regulation has now been extended to cover the entire city.

The reason for the temporary measure was a concern that investors were turning homes into houses in multiple occupation. These homes were then no longer available on the market for regular use. Room rentals often have a negative impact on residential neighbourhoods including a decline in comfort, liveability and social cohesion.

The Hague Municipal Executive is now in the process of drafting a new policy for room rentals. The new rules should be ready before the summer recess begins.

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