No fireworks in The Hague due to nationwide ban

Published: 9 December 2021Modified: 9 December 2021

The Dutch government has decided to ban the sale and use of most fireworks in the Netherlands during this year’s New Year celebrations. The coronavirus is making it a very busy time for the hospitals and enforcement officials. The ban is intended to ease the burdens on hospitals.

In The Hague the campaign for firework-free neighbourhoods is cancelled. You will not be able to request the special signs this year.

Only the lightest fireworks, such as hand-held sparklers, bang snaps and fountains, will still be allowed. 

Measures for retailers

Retailers will not be able to sell their fireworks this year. The Dutch government has set aside funds to compensate the retail sector for the storage and transportation of fireworks. Retailers can also make use of the general measures such as the Reimbursement of Fixed Costs (TVL) and the Temporary Emergency Scheme for Job Retention (NOW).

More info from the Dutch government

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