Newtonstraat: plant pots and artificial grass in 2 parking spots  

Published: 2 August 2018Modified: 2 August 2018

Two parking spots in the Newtonstraat will temporarily be turned into green areas with grass mats and plants pots during the ‘Vrijstraat’ neighbourhood initiative. The trial period will last until the end of September 2018.

The ‘Vrijstraat’ initiative encourages residents to voluntarily park their car in a parking garage and to make use of car sharing, if necessary. The freed-up spots will be used by the residents for other purposes in consultation with the municipality.

Trial in your street

A couple of residents have become enthusiastic about the idea of the ‘Vrijstraat’ in the Newtonstraat. They decided to try giving up 2 parking permits and instead to temporarily use 2 parking spots located approximately at numbers 214 and 222 for another purpose. The space will be used for 2 artificial grass mats and 3 large plant pots. Following the trial period at the end of September 2018 these items will be removed in consultation with the municipality.

Joint decision

The residents of the street will then jointly decide after the trial period if they would like to make the new situation permanent, and who would be willing to get rid of his or her car to make this happen, or if they will return to the old situation. If the new situation becomes permanent, the municipality will design the parking spots differently. The residents will discuss their needs. Can the parking spots become green patches or is there a greater need for outdoor seating or bicycle parking? An important condition for the permanent design is that a sufficient number of residents agree to the decision. The municipality will then help the residents make a permanent design.


Everybody is allowed to use the spaces. To keep the Vrijstraat clean and safe, there are a number of rules:

  • A picnic table is allowed to stand there the entire trial period, but individual chairs are not allowed.
  • Paddling pools and play equipment are not permitted.
  • Do not leave objects behind which can easily be thrown on the street.
  • Bicycles may be only be parked in a rack.
  • Water the plants in the pots regularly.

More information

  • Are you also interested in car sharing, temporarily giving up your parking permit and making your street more attractive together with your neighbours? You can get more information on the website of De Natuurlijke Stad. You can find the contact information to ask questions.
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