New parking app available 1 November

Published: 25 October 2018Modified: 5 November 2018

The municipality is continuously working to improve its digital services. Parking permit holders who enjoy arranging their affairs quickly can now arrange more of their affairs online. And there is now a new app: Parkeren Den Haag. The old Cozity app will remain in use until 30 November 2018.

The new app is clearer than the old Cozity app for registering visitors. In the new app you will see right away how many hours are deducted when you register and deregister the parking sessions of your visitors. The app also provides useful information and functions:

  • View your total amount of parking credit.
  • A screen where you can store, register and change your favourite number plates.
  • Register and deregister your visitors in advance.
  • A map of your permit area.

Download the new app

The new ‘Parkeren Den Haag’ is available for free in the Google Playstore for Android telephones and the App Store for iPhones.

The app is available for iOS version 10 and higher and for Android version 6 (Marshmallow) and higher.

Old Cozity app to go

You can continue to use the old Cozity app until 30 November. Would you like to register and deregister your visitors using an app after this date? This will only be possible with the new app.

If you do not have a smartphone or tablet, you can still register and deregister your visitor’s parking online or by telephone.

Arrange your parking in MijnDenHaag

You can arrange many of your parking affairs yourself 24 hours a day on MijnDenHaag. For example, you can:

  • View your registration number and PIN code.
  • Purchase extra parking credit.
  • View and pay your parking fines.
  • Extend your parking permit.

Because the page contains personal data, you need your DigiD to log in to MijnDenHaag. If you do not have DigiD, you can apply for it via the DigiD website.

Arrange your parking in MijnDenHaag

Go to MijnDenHaag

No DigiD? Apply for your DigiD


Do you have questions about the app or MijnDenHaag? Call tel. 14070. You can phone on weekdays from 8.30 to midnight, on Saturday from 10.00 to midnight and on Sunday from 12.00 to midnight.

More information

You can find more information about the parking app on the page Register and deregister visitor parking using number plate.