New ground lease invoice in MijnDenHaag

Published: 23 December 2021Modified: 6 January 2022

Do you pay ground lease (erfpacht)? You can view your invoice for ground lease and/or management fees on as of the beginning of January 2022. Pay the bill before 17 January 2022.

In The Hague a number of homes and business properties are standing on municipal land. The owner of the building pays ground lease (erfpacht) and/or management fees for the use of land owned by the municipality. The owners receive an invoice every half year for the preceding 6 months.

Your invoice is in MijnDenHaag

This invoice for the period July to December 2021 will be ready at the beginning of January 2022. You can download the invoice by logging in using your DigiD.

Pay before 17 January 2022

The municipality asks you to pay the invoice amount before 17 January 2022. You can pay it using iDEAL or another way of banking. If you pay by direct debit, the amount will be deducted on or around 27 January 2022.

More information

More information about erfpacht and paying the bill can be found on the page Ground lease.