New embankment for Scheveningseveer

Published: 22 May 2018Modified: 22 May 2018

The new embankment between the Mauritskade and Hogewal, known as the Scheveningseveer, was officially opened on 17 May. The embankment was made safer and more welcoming.

New mooring spot

Over the last 6 months work has been carried out to replace the embankment in order to improve the flow of water. The mooring spot for boat touring companies has been enlarged and a new mooring spot was created for pleasure boats.


The transformer house on the Scheveningseveer will also get a makeover. The structure will be adorned in photos about the history of the Scheveningseveer. 

Safe embankment

Just as in many other cities The Hague has a large number of bridges and embankments. The municipality is responsible for maintaining their condition both for safety and to keep the city accessible. Approximately 24 kilometres of the old embankments in The Hague have a wooden foundation. An investigation has shown that a bacteria has eaten away at the wooden foundation in a number of spots. It is therefore necessary to replace these embankments in time. By replacing the embankments over the coming years, they will be made safe again for (vehicular) traffic and residents as well as for the water balance in The Hague and hinterland.

New embankment for Scheveningseveer
New embankment for Scheveningseveer