New design for Saturnuskade in the Binckhorst

Published: 30 November 2017Modified: 30 November 2017

The Saturnuskade in the Binckhorst is located at the Binckhaven and has a new design. Trees were planted and benches were placed in order to make the area attractive to businesses and visitors. The new design has turned the Saturnuskade into a public area. The new quay is part of the total redevelopment of the Binckhorst into a residential and work area.

Artist's impression of Saturnuskade
Artist's impression of Saturnuskade

Until now the quay did not have an official name but was often called Saturnuskade. During the opening on 29 November the quay officially got this name and street signs were hung up.

Work and free time

The new design has turned the quay into an area where established businesses can carry on working but also where people can take a walk and spend their free time. To make the harbour complete, a pick-up point for tour boat operators will be created in the future. It will also be possible for pleasure boats to dock for a few hours. The quay can also be used in the future for festivals.

Industrial look

The decision was taken to reuse as many existing materials as possible in the redesign project which fit in with the industrial look of the Binckhorst. The area has a gritty and trendy image. This is why the project used natural stone paving, for example. To focus more attention on the industrial character of the Binckhaven the cranes on the opposite side of the quay will be illuminated in the evening hours.


The Saturnuskade is located in the Binckhaven which is providing a number of opportunities to boost and expand the local economy. Investments in this area’s outdoor space make it attractive for businesses and start-ups to grow or move there.

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