New booklet ‘Key figures for The Hague 2018’

Published: 1 October 2018Modified: 1 October 2018

The municipality has published the booklet ‘Key figures for The Hague 2018’. It contains the most important current data about the Municipality of The Hague. The various (policy) areas for the ‘state of the city’ are described on the basis of figures.

The booklet shows a small portion of the much more extensive information about the municipality. The last chapter of the booklet contains an overview of the sources used as well as sources for additional information. Here you can also read how you can find and request more information yourself.

Scheveningen beach
Scheveningen beach

Emphasis on Hague figures

The emphasis in this booklet is primarily on figures for The Hague. In order to be able to place the figures in their context, a comparison is made with other cities or regions for certain subjects. The city or region in the comparison can vary depending on the policy subject and/or municipal plans. These comparisons serve mainly as an example.

Request a booklet

The booklet is for everybody who is interested in the ‘state of the city’. Request the digital version of the booklet by sending an email to: