New bike carousels in the Abrikozenstraat

Published: 2 April 2019Modified: 4 April 2019

The current bicycle drums in the Abrikozenstraat have been replaced by bicycle carousels as part of a trial project. This will allow more residents to be able to safely store their bicycle in an enclosed facility.

In 1 year the municipality will evaluate whether it will place more bicycle carousels in the city or whether it will no longer use these kinds of facilities.

What changed?

  • 3 bicycle carousels can be found in the Abrikozenstraat, at the corner with the Pippelingstraat.
  • There is more space for bicycles in the carousels. One carousel has space for 24 bicycles. A total of 72 bicycles fit in the 3 carousels.
  • The 6 bicycles drums which previously were located there will be moved to the Vlierboomstraat.

The bicycle carousel: how to park your bike

  • A bicycle carousel is a parking system in which bicycles are parked automatically. This way many bicycles can be stored in a small space. The facility is available 24 hours a day. Only people who have a subscription will be able to drop off or pick up their bike using a special pass.  
  • A carousel has a diameter of 5.5 metres and is 1.80 metres high.
  • Bicycles with an out-of-the-ordinary size (cargo bikes or bikes with a basket at the front) do not fit in the carousel. A spot in the carousel costs € 7.50 per month.

    Request a spot

    Would you like to request a spot in the carousel? The spots will be apportioned as follows:

    • Do you now have a spot in a bicycle drum? Then in any case you will get a spot in a carousel.
    • Are you on a waiting list at Biesieklette? Then you also have the right to a spot.
    • The remaining spots will be given to people living around the carousels. They received a letter about registering for a spot. The residents who received a letter had until 10 February 2019 to reserve a spot.

    Are you interested but you did not receive a letter because you live a bit farther from the carousels? Send an email to State your address and telephone number in the mail.

    Bicycle carousel in the Abrikozenstraat (Photo: Valerie Kuypers)
    Bicycle carousel in the Abrikozenstraat (Photo: Valerie Kuypers)