Municipality to house status holders at different locations in the city

Published: 1 October 2018Modified: 12 October 2018

The Hague’s policy on housing status holders (refugees with a temporary asylum residence permit) has changed. From now on they will not be living in large group accommodations. Instead the housing corporations will allocate them public housing at various locations throughout the city.

The policy for housing is changing because the number of status holders coming to The Hague is decreasing. In 2018 The Hague is legally obliged to house 726 status holders. This is much less than in the previous years. Housing in large-scale accommodations is not the optimal solution to integrate refugees in the local community. Where possible they will be absorbed in the municipality’s integration programme and the municipality will continue to place importance on language instruction and coaching.

Coalition agreement

In the coalition agreement ‘The Hague, City of Opportunities and Ambitions’ (June 2018) the municipal administration decided that The Hague would no longer accommodate any additional asylum status holders than legally prescribed. In addition they agreed that locations in the city would no longer be developed specifically for status holders.

Homes at 4 locations

It is expected that the housing corporations will allocate the status holders without delay to regular public housing throughout the city. They will also be able to move into one of the housing units at already existing locations for status holders which will soon be ready. This means that the public housing which will be realised at Boekweitkamp, Oosteinde and Narcislaan and the rental apartments on the Koperwerf will no longer be allocated exclusively to status holders. The more than 160 rental apartments in these 4 buildings will be added to the total selection of rental housing in The Hague. These homes will now become available to everybody seeking housing in the city.  

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