Municipality testing extra login method for and MijnDenHaag

Published: 3 October 2018Modified: 3 October 2018

The municipality is taking part in a test using Idensys, a new login method. This means there will be more ways than just DigiD to log into and MijnDenHaag in order to arrange your affairs online. The municipality will use the test to examine which login method works best for residents. Take part in the test and apply for Idensys.

Idensys is a safe and easy login method. You can arrange many things at the municipality which you can also do using DigiD, for example applying for an extract or viewing the status of an application on MijnDenHaag. You can also use Idensys at other participating organisations, such as the Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst) and academic hospitals. The test will last at least half a year.  

Apply for Idensys

You can apply for Idensys online. This login method could also have extra advantages for Dutch citizens living abroad. Read more about this login method and how you can apply for Idensys on the website of Idensys.

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