Municipality tackling problems in Weimarstraat

Published: 5 November 2020Modified: 20 November 2020

There have been problems in the Weimarstraat for quite some time already. The quality of life, public order, safety and business climate are under pressure in the area. To put a stop to these developments the mayor is introducing a number of measures, including a business activity permit for entrepreneurs.

The business activity permit for part of the Weimarstraat and the Beeklaan is the mayor’s first step towards fighting subversion in this area. Subversion refers to a process in which the underworld makes use of the services of the upperworld to conduct criminal activities. The business activity permit should block malicious entrepreneurs.  And it should help to attract honest entrepreneurs.

Crime prevention

Criminals often spend their money in the upperworld, including in The Hague. Criminals not only misuse products and services from the government, but from businesses as well. Such as cannabis farms in in business premises or money laundering practices through financial service providers, like banks and insurance companies. This is not always visible to the outside world. In the end subversion leads to deterioration in the business and living climate in neighbourhoods. The business activity permit for entrepreneurs will make it difficult for criminals to remain in business. Or to establish a new business elsewhere in the future.

Permit requirement

Nearly 100 entrepreneurs in the so-called ‘third part’ of the Weimarstraat and Beeklaan now must apply for a permit from the municipality. The requirement is for entrepreneurs who normally do not need a permit for their activities. Such as supermarkets, beauty salons or employment agencies. The municipality will assess their permit applications based on a number of conditions. It will ask the police for advice and will check whether the applicant operates an honest business. And whether the company’s financial affairs are in order.

Area where a business activity permit is in effect for entrepreneurs
Area where a business activity permit is in effect for entrepreneurs


The municipality is doing more to improve the quality of life in the Weimarstraat and area. The business activity permit is part of a larger plan for this area. Other measures include:  

  • a special app to report suspicion of subversion ('Meld een Vermoeden')
  • extra efforts by the municipality and police to prevent nuisance in and around coffee shops
  • measures such as speed bumps for more traffic safety

With this plan the municipality and the neighbourhood are working together towards a safe, attractive street for residents, businesses and visitors.

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