Municipality sending out municipal tax bill for 2018

Published: 2 February 2018Modified: 2 February 2018

You will receive the annual municipal tax bill at the beginning of February in your letterbox and/or in your Berichtenbox on MijnOverhied. The municipal tax bill contains the value (WOZ-waarde) of your property and the assessment notices for the property tax (OZB), waste tax (AFV) and sewage charges (RIOE).

2018 tax bill

On average property taxes remained the same, waste taxes declined by 2% and the other charges were only adjusted for inflation. The Hague has the lowest rates of all the big cities in the Netherlands.

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Local tax calculator

You can easily calculate how much you would pay in local taxes in The Hague using the local tax calculator. You can then compare this to other Dutch municipalities. And you can see how your tax assessment would be affected if there would be a change in your situation or if your home would have a higher or lower property value. Go to the local tax calculator.

Arrange your tax affairs online

You can also arrange your tax affairs online on MijnDenHaag. You always have access to your information anywhere and anytime. You no longer need to stop by and you can easily view your information and make changes.