Municipality sending out annual municipal tax bill

Published: 31 January 2020Modified: 31 January 2020

You will receive the year municipal tax bill between 30 January and 8 February. You will receive the assessment if you are the owner or tenant of a residential property in The Hague. The local charges will go up this year by an average of 3.3%. Nevertheless The Hague is still the city with the lowest local taxes in the Netherlands. Owners and tenants of commercial properties will also receive an assessment.

The municipal tax bill includes the waste tax, sewage charge and the property taxes (OZB). You will also find the property value (WOZ-waarde) for your residential property or business premises on the assessment. You will receive the assessment in your letterbox or in the Berichtenbox of MijnOverheid.

Rise in costs

Local charges for The Hague have gone up by 3.3% in 2020. The property taxes have also increased. For example, a homeowner will pay an average of € 16.33 more in property taxes in 2020 than in 2019 for a house valued at € 200,000. Are you renting your home? Then you do not pay property taxes.

Property value

The increase in property taxes can differ per property and depends on how much the property value went up. In comparison to last year the average property value in The Hague rose 13%. Read more on the page Property value.

More information

Read more about the different taxes and look at the rates for 2020:

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