Municipality removing abandoned bicycles from city streets

Published: 3 April 2018Modified: 19 June 2018

In many neighbourhoods residents are annoyed by the unused bicycles left standing in public areas. They are unable to park their bike because often there is no space. These bicycles also make the street look like a mess. This is why the municipality started clearing away abandoned bicycles throughout the city on 3 April 2018.

The programme works as follows:

  • A bicycle which appears to no longer be in use will get a warning label. The municipality calls this type of bicycle an ‘orphaned bicycle’.
  • If the bicycle is left standing unused on the same spot in the public space after 28 days, it will get a new label. The owner then has 2 to 3 days to move the bike elsewhere.  
  • If this does not happen, the bicycle will be brought to the Bicycle Depot Haaglanden


The municipal enforcement teams know where a large number of abandoned bicycles are standing based on complaints filed by residents and their own observations. The municipality calls these areas hotspots. Often these areas are close to shops, schools and train stations. There are 12 areas with 52 hotspots, divided among the city districts.


The first step of the plan calls for affixing a warning label on abandoned bicycles in the Centrum district. Other areas of the city will then follow suit. View the planning by city district:

Bicycle with warning label
Bicycle with warning label
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