Municipality launches ‘The Hague against Corona’ campaign

Published: 3 November 2020Modified: 5 November 2020

The municipality will launch ‘The Hague against Corona’ campaign this week. The campaign features famous as well as ordinary residents of The Hague showing how you can stick to the coronavirus measures. Their message can be seen on advertising pillars and screens throughout the city. And on social media.

For many people it seems to be difficult to stick to the coronavirus measures. They see the government rules as non-binding advice. Because everybody takes advice in a different way, the coronavirus has been allowed to spread.

Setting a good example

This is why the municipality is giving a platform to different residents, who can influence their own contacts, fans and followers. They will explain how they follow the rules to stop the spread of the coronavirus and ask their fellow city dwellers to follow their example.

People who are participating in the campaign include Mayor Jan van Zanen, youth worker Umit Colgecen and social entrepreneur Petra Brekelmans. They will show how you can pick up takeaway food, make music together or play sports. Even during this coronavirus crisis.

Muziek maken, zo doe ik dat

The municipality will update the campaign with new messages if the current situation calls for it. The municipality will also disseminate posters and other materials via some 250 contacts in the neighbourhoods. These people can share these resources with their own network.

Getting started

The goal is for residents of The Hague to share this campaign with each other to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. This is why the municipality has developed resources which people can use to get started themselves. Such as an emblem which people can use as a profile photo on social media, posters in different languages and videos which people can share on social media. You can download these resources on the website

On this website you will find the most important rules in other languages: ArabicBulgarian, ChineseEnglishPolishRomanianSpanish and Turkish.