Municipality helping innovative companies do business abroad

Published: 21 June 2018Modified: 21 June 2018

Do you have a business in the health care sector in The Hague and would you like to expand your business abroad? As of July 2018 the municipality will be supporting 5 companies looking to do business abroad. Are you interested? Sign up for the pilot project.

Companies wishing to do business abroad often lack knowledge of the country with which they would like to do business. Good preparation in the areas of language, culture, networking and business customs can increase their chances. The pilot project is focused on this preparatory phase.

The knowledge and experiences of these Hague companies which are receiving guidance will be posted on the website of the municipality and its partners. The municipality will also organise a number of events which are open to all small and medium-sized enterprises in The Hague.


Are you a company which is interested in taking steps towards expanding your business abroad this year? You can register for the pilot project by Tuesday, 10 July 2018 at 13.00 hrs. via Internationaal ondernemen in innovatieve gezondheidszorg.

This information (in Dutch) provides details about registering, the selection process and the conditions for participation.

Harbour of Ho Chi Minh City
Harbour of Ho Chi Minh City