Mopeds banned from Grote Markstraat

Published: 11 September 2018Modified: 29 October 2018

As of 1 October mopeds may no longer ride through the Grote Marktstraat, Spuistraat and adjacent side streets. Slow-riding mopeds (blue number plates) are still able to reach a speed considered too high around people doing their shopping. This speed makes mopeds unsafe for a busy shopping street.

Mopeds (yellow number plates) were already prohibited throughout the entire pedestrian zone in the downtown area.


During the first 2 weeks municipal enforcers will only hand out warnings. After this period if you then ride through the Grote Marktstraat on a slow-riding moped (with a maximum speed of 25 km/hr), you can get a fine. The fine is € 95 plus € 9 for admin fees.

New route

Op de kaart is te zien waar snorfietsen wel en niet mogen rijden

Instead of the Grote Marktstraat and Spuistraat, the slow-riding mopeds can take a different route, for example via:

  • Lutherse Burgwal (175 metres longer than the route through the Grote Marktstraat)
  • Gedempte Gracht
  • Amsterdamse Veerkade

The municipality will change the road signs in this area. This way moped riders will know where they are permitted to drive. The municipality will investigate whether it is possible to create a dedicated cycle path on the Gedempte Burgwal.

Parking a moped or scooter

Along the route where slow-riding mopeds are allowed to drive there are parking spaces and facilities for mopeds and scooters. There are parking spaces for mopeds and scooters on the Gedempte Burgwal and Lutherse Burgwal. There are guarded spots in the bicycle parking facility in the Kranestraat and Voldersgracht. More information about parking for mopeds and scooters can be found at

The Grote Marktstraat will become safer for pedestrians and cyclists without mopeds.
The Grote Marktstraat will become safer for pedestrians and cyclists without mopeds.