Money to fix up Mariahoeve, Houtwijk, Nieuw Waldeck and Kraayenstein/De Brinken

Published: 4 October 2019Modified: 8 October 2019

The municipality has made money available to fix up the public space in 4 neighbourhoods: Mariahoeve, Houtwijk, Nieuw Waldeck and Kraayenstein/De Brinken. There is a total of € 10 million available.

The money is for maintenance and to make the neighbourhoods more beautiful, climate-proof, social, healthy and greener. Residents are invited to give their opinion on the plans.

Do you live in 1 of these neighbourhoods? Then you are invited to give your opinion on what needs to be fixed up in the neighbourhood and how that can best be done. Each neighbourhood has a website with 'opknappunten' (spots which need to be fixed up). You can submit additional spots, sign up for a neighbourhood committee and vote for the best plans. The chosen plans will then be elaborate upon and presented to the Municipal Council.

Your ideas welcome

Would you like to share your ideas on the plans to fix up your neighbourhood? Look at:

Are you unable or would you rather not participate online? Then there are meetings at central locations in the neighbourhoods. You can find information about these on the websites. You will also receive an invitation in your letterbox.

Why fix up these neighbourhoods?

The pavement and street furniture have become outdated at many spots in Mariahoeve, Houtwijk, Nieuw Waldeck and De Brinken. Parks and other public spaces need a facelift or should be made greener. The available money can be used to address these problem areas.

Outdated pavement in De Brinken
Outdated pavement in De Brinken
Street in Houtwijk
Street in Houtwijk