Madestein recreational park: new zones

Published: 24 October 2019Modified: 24 October 2019

Many people make use of the Madestein recreational park in the Loosduinen city district. New homes are being constructed in the area close to Madestein and more people are visiting the park. In order to prevent conflicts, the municipality is introducing different zones for using the area. There will be a free-run zone for dogs and another zone where you are allowed to barbecue.

There have recently been a number of conflicts between dog owners and people who wanted to barbecue on the grass field between the Oostmadeweg and Madepolderweg. Dogs were allowed to run freely in the recreational area and barbecuing was also permitted. The combination of hot barbecues, food and leftover food and roaming dogs led to trouble. The police and/or municipal enforcers even had to intervene.

Reports by concerned residents

The Loosduinen city district office on several occasions received reports of problems. The enforcement team also indicated that it was difficult to enforce the rules if roaming dogs and barbecuing are both permitted in the area.

New separate zones with rules

The municipality is introducing different zones in part of Madestein:

  • The grass field between the Oostmadeweg and the Madepolderweg will become a barbecue-free zone. You are still allowed to let your dog roam freely here.
  • In the ‘day camping’ area dogs have to be leashed in the period from 1 May to 1 October. There will then be an area during this period where you are allowed to barbecue and dogs may not roam freely. It will take effect in 2020.

Implementation of the zones

Residents who live in the area around the Madestein recreational park received a letter about the changes in the second half of October 2019. The letter described the following measures being taken by the municipality:

  • The zones will be designated by signs.
  • During the transition period the municipal enforcers will warn people who are not adhering to the new rules.
  • The ‘day camping’ area in Madestein will be adapted on the hondenkaart.