Maanweg: your ideas wanted on area development

Published: 2 September 2020Modified: 10 September 2020

From 1 September to 1 October 2020 interested parties are welcome to share their ideas on the development of the Maanweg area. Read how you can do this online.

Maanweg area passport

The landowners have together come up with plans. The plans have been incorporated in a spatial development plan. This plan then needs to be developed into an ‘area passport’. The area passport is a new concept for the Binckhorst area plan. In an area passport the landowners together come up with a plan for an area. The advantage of working with an area passport is that the parties look at the entire area. They can make arrangements to exchange land. This way, for example, schools and parks will be built where they fit best.

Your ideas are wanted

Do you have wishes or ideas for the Maanweg? Share these online before 1 October 2020. On you will find all the information and explanations about the plans for the Maanweg. You can also look at the plans here. There is also more information on the procedure and what you should think about.

After 1 October 2020 the municipality will develop the plans for the Maanweg together with the parties concerned. This will become the area passport.

Impression of the future Maankade
Impression of the future Maankade

Study on future public transport

The government will research which form of public transportation will bring the largest number of passengers quickly and comfortably reach their destination. It will look at the route: Den Haag CS - Lekstraat - Binckhorstlaan - Maanweg - Station Voorburg.

You can respond to the proposal for a study into the environmental factors of a new public transportation connection between 2 September and 13 October 2020. You will find more informatoin about this study on