Loudonstraat-Stuyvesantplein: work at night

Published: 12 May 2020Modified: 12 May 2020

The municipality will replace the sewage pipes and redesign the streets in Bezuidenhout-Oost. The sewage pipes by the tram rails between the Loudonstraat and Stuyvesantplein were supposed to be replaced this year. But this work has now been postponed until 2025.

The tram rails will also be replaced then. By combining all of the work at the same time, the street will have to be dug up only 1 time. The  Stuyvesantplein will get a new design this year for the portion between the square and the tram rails. Residents will receive a letter about this project.

Work at night

In order to replace the sewage pipes in the Loudonstraat-Stuyvesantplein the builder took preparatory steps for the HTM masts between the Stuyvesantplein-Loudonstraat and the Van Heutszstraat in May 2019. Now that the replacement project has been delayed the builder has decided to leave the masts at the same spot. They will have to be adapted in order to satisfy safety requirements until 2025. Because the trams operate during the day, the work can only take place at night. This way the work will have only a limited effect on through traffic.


  • From Sunday, 17 May to Monday, 18 May (between 23.00 and 7.00 hrs.)
  • From Monday, 18 May to Tuesday, 19 May (between 23.00 and 7.00 hrs.)
  • From Tuesday, 19 May to Wednesday, 20 May (between 23.00 and 7.00 hrs.)


    No vehicular traffic can drive between the Loudonstraat and Stuyvesantplein on the above dates. Motorists are advised to follow a diversion via the Juliana van Stolberglaan, IJsclubweg, Boekweitkamp, Reigersbergenweg, Het Kleine Loo and in the opposite direction.


    The work at night will cause noise. You may hear noise from a lift platform or a rig. The municipality will try to limit this kind of nuisance as much as possible and is counting on the understanding of area residents. Is there an emergency situation during the work? Then call the temporary night number; tel.: 06 - 55 25 01 49.


    Do you have questions about the work? Contact Ms. Huijgen by sending an email to: