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Loosduinseweg-Fahrenheitstraat: roadworks

Published: 17 March 2020Modified:

From 30 March to 2 May 2020 there will be roadworks at the intersection of the Loosduinseweg and Fahrenheitstraat. The traffic lights and the system behind them need to be replaced. The municipality will also work to improve the safety of the intersection and the traffic flow. The inconvenience will be kept to a minimum.

Traffic control systems include traffic lights and everything related to them, such as cupboards, masts, cables, wires, cameras and loops on the road to measure traffic. If the equipment is more than 15 years old, there is a greater chance of a technical malfunction. The municipality is now replacing the equipment before dangerous situations arise. All traffic systems above and under the ground will be replaced. At the same time the municipality is making the intersection safer.  

More space for cyclists and pedestrians

There are more cyclists and pedestrians in The Hague than before. The municipality is creating space at the intersection for them. This will make cycling more pleasant and there will be a better flow of vehicular traffic. Once the work is compete pedestrians will be able to decide for themselves when they cross the cycle path. They will only have to wait for a green light when they are crossing the street. This will mean that traffic will not have to wait for pedestrians as often. This will enable cars to keep moving.


During the roadworks cars and trams can continue using the largest portion of the intersection. However, some lanes could be closed for a short amount of time during the day and there could be small diversions. This could lead to extra travel time. Pedestrians, cyclists and moped drivers can continue to use the intersection and will be diverted when necessary. Traffic wardens will be deployed to ensure that traffic keeps moving during the roadworks.  


A certain amount of inconvenience is unavoidable with roadworks. Homes and businesses will remain accessible to pedestrians at all times. The municipality will do everything within its power to ensure safety during the project. Nevertheless work sites remain dangerous spots. You are advised to warn children about this danger and to keep them away from the work site.