Local top athletes immortalised in Zuiderpark sport campus

Published: 26 February 2018Modified: 26 February 2018

The Zuiderpark sport campus opened in the summer of 2017. Students doing Sport Studies, researchers and top and amateur athletes come together each day in this new iconic sport complex. To inspire visitors as well as the people using the building there is now a Wall of Fame, where The Hague’s European and World champions and Olympic Game medallists can be seen with a gold star.

You can read about their accomplishments on the stars. There are currently about 165 stars on the wall, with the first star dating from 1906.

Sport lovers meet up in this sport campus: (top) athletes, students, sport aficionados and researchers. They are able to train there, expand their knowledge and enjoy national and international competitions. The Zuiderpark sport campus has become an important new meeting place in the national and international sports world and is therefore the most suitable location for a Wall of Fame.

The Wall of Fame will be expanded in the future with iconic athletes and coaches who did not win their prizes at a European, World or Olympic sporting event but who have played a major role in The Hague’s sports world.

Photographer: Valerie Kuypers
Photographer: Valerie Kuypers