Local taxes remain low in The Hague

Published: 29 January 2021Modified: 2 February 2021

The local taxes for residents of The Hague will go up in 2021. This is due to the fact that the waste tax needs to be raised. Nevertheless The Hague is still a city with low local taxes. Out of all the larger municipalities in the Netherlands there are only 3 municipalities with lower taxes. This was the conclusion of a study by the University of Groningen.

You will receive this year’s assessment for municipal taxes between 3 and 11 February. You will receive the assessment in your letterbox or in your Berichtenbox of MijnOverheid. The assessment for municipal taxes includes the property tax (OZB), waste tax, sewage charge and the property value (WOZ-waarde) for 2021.

Property value and property tax

The property value is the market value for your home on 1 January 2020 (the reference value date). In comparison to last year the average property value in The Hague rose 9%. The increase in property value can differ between properties.

You can look up the property value of all homes on the website of the WOZ-waardeloket. The municipality uses the property value to calculate your property tax.

The property tax rose 2% in 2021 (due to inflation). If your home rose more or less than average in value, your property tax will also rise more or less. Are you renting your home? Then you do not pay property taxes.

Waste tax

Residents pay the waste tax for the collection and processing of household waste. The waste tax is never more than what the municipality pays for the waste.

The fees for processing waste will rise in 2021. This is due to the increase of the national incineration tax on household waste. And due to higher prices for processing household waste.

The fees in 2021:

  • 1-person households pay € 293.16 (2020: € 242.04)
  • 2-person households pay € 329.52 (2020: € 272.04)
  • households with 3 or more people pay € 360.48 (2020: € 297.60)

If you have a low income, you may be eligible for a tax waiver.

Sewage charge

The sewage charge you pay is for the construction and maintenance of the sewage system. This charge is also no higher than what the municipality pays itself.

The fees in 2021:

  • homeowners pay € 150.85 (2020: € 148.85)
  • people renting their home do not pay the sewage charge

If you have a low income, you may be eligible for a tax waiver for the sewage charge.

Compare your local taxes

You can easily calculate how much you would pay for the property tax, waste tax, sewage charge and dog tax in The Hague using the local tax calculator. You can compare this to other Dutch municipalities and to last year. You will also see what the effect is if your situation would change or if your home would have a higher or lower property value.

Give your opinion

The Municipal Tax Department is participating in a study by the University of Leiden into how much citizens trust the property value.

Once you have received the assessment for municipal taxes, you can take part in the study. Complete the questionnaire on the website of Leiden University.

You can fill in the questionnaire anonymously. The answers will go only to the researchers.

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