Laan van Wateringse Veld: safe bicycle crossings

Published: 2 July 2021Modified: 12 July 2021

A well-organised crossing for cyclists will be constructed at the intersection between the Laan van Wateringse Veld - Londensingel and Moskousingel.

The crossing can be found on the star bike route between downtown The Hague-Transvaal-Wateringse Veld. Star bike routes are the most important main connections in The Hague’s network of cycling routes. The municipality is working to make a number of adaptations to improve the routes which, for example, do not have crossings for cyclists. More information about the star bicycle routes can be found in Dutch at Den Haag - Fietsen.

What is going to happen

A separate crossing for cyclists will be made between the Londonsingel and Moskousingel.

Planning and traffic delays

Work will be carried out on the main lane of the Laan van Wateringseveld from 19 to 30 July. The parallel roads will remain open to traffic. All locations will remain accessible.

Vehicular traffic

Traffic could experience delays due to the project. This can lead to traffic congestion and inconvenience. You are advised to take a detour via de Erasmusweg en de N211/Lozerlaan.

Cyclists and pedestrians

Cyclists and pedestrians will always be able to pass the work site safely.

Diversion Laan van Wateringseveld
Diversion Laan van Wateringseveld

Safety on the work site

The municipality will do everything within its power to ensure safety during the project. Nevertheless work sites remain dangerous spots. You are advised to warn children about this danger and to keep them away from the work site.

More information

Do you need more information? Contact Paul Ebben, area manager at the Municipality of The Hague, by sending an email to: