Koningstunnel closed as of 1 March

Published: 25 February 2019Modified: 28 February 2019

The Koningstunnel is due for a major overhaul after more than 18 years of daily use. To carry out the work as quickly and safely as possible, the tunnel will be completely closed to traffic during the renovation project from 1 March to 1 October 2019. This will mean traffic delays and busy roads.

The Koningstunnel is located under Central Station and the Koekamp and is part of the Centrumring and the parking route. Each day 20,000 cars, trucks and buses drive through the tunnel. Closing the tunnel will result in traffic delays. Motorists who usually drive through the tunnel will experience:

  • diversions
  • extra traffic
  • longer travel times

Due to various projects in the city, it will also be busier at other spots in the city.


To ensure that everyone can still reach his destination, several diversion routes will be put into place. The municipality will ensure that traffic will keep moving by using:

  • yellow diversion signs
  • electronic road signs: these will indicate what the quickest route is at that moment. The diversions on these electronic signs can differ each day
  • several adapted intersections along the diversion routes
  • a different setting for some traffic lights to better accommodate the different flow of traffic
  • traffic wardens
  • a tow truck to clear the road in case of car trouble or accidents. This way the diversion routes can be opened up again as quickly as possible

Latest information

Look for more information about the project under Koningstunnel: renovations.

The Koningstunnel
The Koningstunnel