Koningskade: paving work

Published: 1 April 2021Modified: 8 April 2021

The Koningskade will get new asphalt between the Javastraat and the Koningstunnel and between the Koningstunnel and the Zuid Hollandlaan. This is being done because the current asphalt is no longer safe enough. The work will begin on Monday, 3 May and is expected to last until 28 May 2021.

Intersection of Koningskade and Zuid Hollandlaan
Intersection of Koningskade and Zuid Hollandlaan


Diversions for through traffic

Diversion routes to and from the city centre

North side:
If you are coming from the Laan Copes van Cattenburch or Alexanderstraat - Zeestraat and Javastraat, you can drive via:

  • the Wassenaarseweg, Van Alkemadelaan and Benoordenhoutseweg to the A12
  • or via the Laan van Nieuw Oost-Indië, Schenkkade, Schenkviaduct, Weteringkade, Rijswijkseplein, Rijswijkseweg, Neherkade and Mercuriusweg to the Binckhorstlaan.

If you are going to the Binckhorst from the city centre, follow the S100 route via the Koningin Emmakade, Lijnbaan, Vaillantlaan, Neherkade and Binkhorstlaan.

South side and the Binckhorst:
If you are coming from the Spui - Ammunitiehaven or Lekstraat, you can drive via:

  • Schedeldoekshaven, Prins Bernhardviaduct to the A12
  • or via the Laan van Stolberglaan and Laan van Nieuw Oost-Indië.

    Diversion route from the Utrechtsebaan (A12)

    • The diversion is indicated on the A4, A12 and A13 motorways.
    • From the Utrechtsebaan you can drive to Scheveningen via the Zuid Hollandlaan and Koningskade.

    If you would like to drive to the city centre, then you can use the Zuid Hollandlaan, Koningskade, Raamweg and Laan Copes van Cattenburch.

    Diversion route from Scheveningen

    If you are coming from Scheveningen, you can drive via the Plesmanweg, Hubertustunnel, Oude Waalsdorperweg and Landscheidingsweg.

    Cyclists and pedestrians

    Cyclists and pedestrians will not be greatly affected by the work. Traffic wardens will be positioned at crosswalks.

    Public transportation

    The bus stops for HTM Bus 20 and 29 will temporarily not be in use. These bus lines will use the Utrechtsebaan and Bezuidenhoutseweg.

    Nuisance and safety

    Removing the old asphalt could cause noise disturbance. The municipality will try to limit the nuisance to the best of its ability. Work sites remain dangerous spots. Warn children about the dangerous and keep them away from the work site.  


    Do you have questions about the paving work such as the schedule, parking or accessibility? Contact the area manager Janneke den Hartogh. She can be reached at telephone number (085) 822 04 26 or by sending an email to